GAP’s Most Haunted Places

GAP’s most haunted places is all about places where death has taken place and the souls are waiting to be heard and crossed over.



As paranormal investigators OUR MISSION is to help our clients while RESPECTING the dead, in no way do we disrespect, harm, destroy or desecrate… Cemetery tombstones, houses, buildings or objects that once belonging to a living or deceased persons as we perform our paranormal investigations.


1) Cemeteries

Cemeteries are considered most haunted because everyone knows the dead are laid to rest as their final resting place, a peaceful place or is it?  We got our start in the paranormal investigating cemeteries because we knew that it would be our backbone into the paranormal, just knowing that you can’t go wrong starting out in a place where souls want to be heard not forgotten. We always get lots of evidents from EMF’s to voices through the spirit box and EVP’s to shadow figures and fixtures of lights flashing, even disembodied sounds due to spirit activity to communicate. Always a favourite to Investigate.

2) Ghost Towns

Ghost towns are another favourite of ours because of the history of towns that never made it, left in its natural state and abandoned therefore usually active with spirits roaming as if they still live in the town that was once booming from houses, churches, stores, brothel houses and rail cars. Our favourite is the town of “Sandon” in British Columbia, was once thriving mining town, but a devastating fire and a flood destroyed most of the town except for one original building still standing today, now a museum with artifacts of the town that never made it.