EVP – Audio Evidence (Michael’s Curse Haunting) Investigation – May 14, 2020

*WARNING: These EVP’s are the property of Ghostly Apparitions Paranormal and our client, under NO circumstances these EVP’s may be reproduced.

Class A EVP of a female spirit during an EVP sessIon said “Jake” is not relevant to michael’s question… We later decided that Michael’s house was a super hi-way for paranormal activity with a possible portal
EVP of a growl like scream… Could not be debunked and only caught on the recorder, NO sound contamination could be heard by the human ear
Listen closely to this semi-class EVP after my wife asked, Is Michael safe here? We believe this male spirit said “Why should Michael be Safe?
After my wife asked did Amanda put a curse on Michael?, EVP of a male spirit says “Yeah sugar pie” then says “Sure”
An EVP of what we believe to be “footsteps” during our EVP session
Class A EVP of a male spirit that says “Michael”
EVP sounds like a child or female spirit says “We orbs” after I asked where these orbs are coming from?
Listen closely at this class A EVP as a spirit voice talks over my wife and says “Help me
Class A EVP of a female says Michael’s name “Michael
We believe after listening several times over, This semi-class A EVP says “ Why do you think she summoned the devil” (What do YOU believe it says)