Demonic Entities…

A presentation on the Demonic

Demonic entities have been around since the biblical times, especially in religious cultures around the world where religious beliefs in God as being creator of all things good and the Devil as being a fallen angel that is all things evil. Demonic entities are the workings of the Devil like an army of demons doing the Devil’s work. Demonic entities can come in all different forms from low level demons to high level demons which are very powerful and can show up anytime when you have an infestation of this type of entity. Demonic entities usually have a name associated with that particular demon, It’s common within religious beliefs and in the Paranormal world that if you can get the Demonic entity to reveal its name that you can gain control of the demon by repeatly using the demons name especially during an exorcism in casting it out of its human host or banishing it from a home, regular use of sage & salt along with a blessing can keep a home and occupants free of a demonic entity returning after an exorcism has been performed.


Demonic Haunting

Demonic hauntings can be related to documented exorcisms around the world which brings us to discuss the signs of a demonic Haunting. Demonic Hauntings can have an impact on people, families, friends and can destroy lives and ruin souls. For centuries occultist have been conjuring up demonic entities to do evil things opening portals to hell or the dark side as some people call it. Demonic entities have to be invited into your life unless the demonic entity has always been there as demonic entities can stay dormant for years. Ouija Boards and tarot cards, Seances and Satanic/Occultist/Sacrificial rituals can invite a demonic entity into your life.

Demonic entities are manipulative, good liars, devious and very dangerous. Demons like to portray them selves as an innocent child spirit in order to gain a persons trust for one purpose> Full possession of its human host. You will know if there is a demonic entity by a distinct foul odor such as a sulphur or a rotten egg smell, knocking sounds in 3’s (aka) mocking of the trinity, even a ripping sound within your environment can signify a demonic entity coming into our world. Demonic hauntings can eventually turn quickly to a demonic possession.

There are 3 steps to becoming fully possessed below…

  1. Infestation: demonic entity present when the smell of sulphur is around you, hearing foot steps scratching or tapping noises in three’s (aka) mocking of the trinity, grunting or snarling sounds.
  2. Oppression: the demon attaches it self, starts to break one self down and torment the person to the point of giving up, Demonic entity starts gaining control.
  3. Possession: The demonic entity takes possession and has control over that person. This stage the only way to save the person and there soul is to have an Exorcism preformed by a qualified and experienced priest(s).
Low level demon