Ghostly Apparitions Paranormal & Demonology


   About the Investigators

Investigators Chris & Kelly Lee

Me and my wife are a team of paranormal investigators who have a special interest and experience in modern demonology. We both have had paranormal experiences since childhood and our beliefs that spirits exist followed our passion to explore the paranormal and become Paranormal investigators helping clients understand why hauntings happen and how we can help resolve any spiritual or demonic activity. We have gained our experience and expertise through research in the field of paranormal investigations and modern demonology.

Our Services

We are fully equipped to investigate any haunting using our equipment to detect, collect & document evidence for our clients. We interview our clients as we walk through all the activity especially the paranormal hotspots.
The focus on all of our investigations is to capture paranormal phenomena so we can determine the extent of the activity in order to take the necessary steps in resolving any hauntings we investigate. We are paranormal investigators that specialize in modern Demonology & certified as Demonologists.

Investigation aftermath

Once our investigation is complete, we analyze our findings to any paranormal evidence we capture such as picture, video, EVP & Ouija Board evidence, We will call or text a date and time that’s convenient to meet with our clients and share any paranormal evidence we captured and discuss the next possible steps to take to end or banish the paranormal activity taking place.


We take in Haunted Objects 

Haunted objects make up for a lot of hauntings that happen in homes and can be an easy fix… If it’s determined that the cause of paranormal activity is in fact a haunted object, We have 2 ways to take in your haunted object(s)… Objects that are non-demonic can be safely keep in our storage and objects that need proper consecration and burial are those with a demonic attachment such as an object used for ritualistic purposes including cursed objects.
Suggestion of a follow up paranormal investigation to determine if the entity is truly 
gone from the home and may need to take further action to banish the entity.


Arsenal of paranormal equipment 

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IR Night Vision video – Captures paranormal evidence 

IR NightVision cam DVR system

IR NightVision full spectrum still pic video cam

Canon digital investigation camcorder

EMF (Electro-Magnetic Field) meters –  Sweep for spirit activity

K2 Meter

Mel Meter

Spirit Communication – Real time communication with spirits

SB-7 Spirit Box

SB-11 Spirit Box

EVP Recorder

Ouija Board – oldest known spirit communication device

Ouija Board/Spirit Board

Laser Grid – Detection of shadow figures 

Laser Grid detection device

Thermal temperature – Detection of cold spots

Thermal gun

Spirit Pendulum – Detection of spirit portals 

Spirit Pendulum




Certificates in Modern Demonology presented to us by Paralearning as Demonologists.