Welcome to… Ghostly Apparitions Paranormal and Demonology


We are a non profit paranormal and demonologist organization  located in Calgary, Alberta specializing in modern demonology.


   About Us

Investigators Chris & Kelly Lee

Me and my wife are a team of paranormal investigators who specialize in modern demonology. We both have had paranormal experiences since childhood and our beliefs that spirits exist followed our passion to explore the paranormal and become Paranormal investigators helping clients understand why hauntings happen and how we can help resolve any spiritual or demonic activity. We have gained our experience and expertise through research in the field of paranormal investigations & certified in modern demonology.

Our Services

We are fully equipped to investigate any haunting using our equipment to detect, collect & document evidence for our clients and to discuss what the next steps to take to end the Paranormal activity. We interview our clients as we walk through all the activity especially the paranormal hotspots.
The focus on all of our investigations is to capture paranormal phenomena to be used as evidence in all claims of hauntings.            We specialize in modern Demonology and are certified Demonologists.

Investigation aftermath

Once our investigation is complete, we meet with our clients and share any paranormal evidence we capture and discuss the next possible steps to take to end or banish the paranormal activity taking place.


Ghostly Apparitions Paranormal arsenal for investigations:

  • Mel Meter -used to measure electromagnetic field which ghosts are made up of (Energy)
  •  EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomenon) used to capture spirit voices naked to the human ear
  • K2 Meter – used to measure electromagnetic field &
  • SB-7 & SB-11 Spirit Box -used to communicate with spirits in real time by asking questions and receiving a response through this research device
  • Thermogun -used to read temp. drops at a precise point (cold spots)
  • Laser Grid –used to see shadows or any such movement not seen with the naked eye
  • Full Spectrum Infrared night vision Cam -used to capture apparitions not seen with the naked eye
  • Multi Infrared Video camera DVR system – used as IR night vision to capture video paranormal activity in multiple rooms

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