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We are a non profit paranormal and demonology organization located in Calgary, Alberta specializing in modern demonology.


   About Us

Investigators Chris & Kelly Lee

Me and my wife are a team of paranormal investigators who specialize in modern demonology. We both have had paranormal experiences since childhood and our beliefs that spirits exist followed our passion to explore the paranormal and become Paranormal investigators helping clients understand why hauntings happen and how we can help resolve any spiritual or demonic activity. We have gained our experience and expertise through research in the field of paranormal investigations and modern demonology.

Our Services

We are fully equipped to investigate any haunting using our equipment to detect, collect & document evidence for our clients. We interview our clients as we walk through all the activity especially the paranormal hotspots.
The focus on all of our investigations is to capture paranormal phenomena so we can determine the extent of the activity in order to take the necessary steps in resolving any hauntings we investigate. We are paranormal investigators that specialize in modern Demonology & certified as Demonologists.

Investigation aftermath

Once our investigation is complete, we meet with our clients and share any paranormal evidence we capture and discuss the next possible steps to take to end or banish the paranormal activity taking place.


We NOW take in Haunted Objects 

Haunted objects make up for a lot of hauntings that happen in homes and can be an easy fix… If it’s determined that the cause of paranormal activity is in fact a haunted object, We have 2 ways to take in your haunted object(s)… Objects that are non-demonic can be safely keep in our storage and objects that need proper consecration and burial are those with a demonic attachment such as an object used for ritualistic purposes including cursed objects.
Suggestion of a follow up paranormal investigation to determine if the entity is truly 
gone from the home and may need to take further action to banish the entity.


Ghostly Apparitions Paranormal for investigations:

  • Mel Meter -used to measure electromagnetic fields which ghosts are made up of (Energy)
  • K2 Meter – used to measure electromagnetic field (Spirit energy) & used as a yes/no tool for communication with spirits
  • EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomenon) used to capture spirit voices not heard with the ear
  • SB-7 & SB-11 Spirit Box -used to communicate with spirits in real time by asking questions and receiving a response through these research devices
  • Thermogun -used to read temp. drops at a precise point (cold spots)
  • Laser Grid –used to see shadows or any movement not seen with the naked eye
  • Full Spectrum Infrared night vision Cam -used to capture apparitions not seen with the naked eye
  • Multi Infrared Video camera DVR system – used as IR night vision to capture video paranormal activity in multiple rooms
IR Night vision cam DVR system
Full spectrum IR night vision cam


Mel meter – EMF
K2 – EMF

SB-11 Spirit box
SB-7 Spirit box

EVP Recorder
Thermal gun
Laser grid



Certifications in Modern
Demonology presented to us by Paralearning as certified Demonologists.



Deliverance Ministry

Deliverance is a form of Exorcism that is performed on an individual for the purpose of ridding demonic influences or entities from an individual whom maybe under demonic oppression or possession. Rev. Thomas Holm teaches Deliverance Ministry, Deliverance from evil & free from demonic influence. Under his teachings and guidance, We have completed the Deliverance course and as demonologists have a new found knowledge and positional authority under Jesus Christ to perform a Deliverance on Individuals who qualify and require this service.


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